What I Learned From Grizzly Bears 

1 F, 1 M

Published in the Smith & Kraus Anthology The Best 10- Minute Plays 2 for Actors 2006, What I Learned From Grizzly Bears is a quirky, poignant tale that packs a punch in its few pages. Bernadette, a wildlife biologist, has just given birth to twins and, after realizing she can no longer live with her beloved bears, becomes lost in a fog of depression. Her sweet-hearted husband is desperate to bring her back from despair but loses hope after he shows her a picture of the twins and she doesn't recognize them. At play's end, Bernadette opens up about the mothering habits of the grizzly bears she loves – how mothers who lose their cubs show signs of clinical depression, how they forget to eat and wander aimlessly through the permafrost. Quirky, powerful and sad, this two-hander is a great addition to any 10-minute play festival!

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"What I Learned from Grizzly Bears is quirky and beautiful, full of commingled fun and sadness…Effortless…Seems almost too fully articulated for a play so short.” – Miami New Times



Strawberry One-Act Festival, New York City, 2006
City Theater, Miami Florida, 2007
Yellow Tree Theatre, Osseo, Minnesota 2010
Phoenix Theater, Phoenix, Arizona, 2010