String | A Romantic Comedy

2 F, 3 M
This hilarious romantic comedy chronicles the unlikely courtship between a poet and a pizza delivery boy. Raina is determined to find that great love one only reads about in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnets. Unknowingly, it arrives on her doorstep one day in the form of a scruffy pizza delivery boy who flunked high school English. Ryan is immediately enchanted with Raina, and goes about wooing her unabashedly. After ruining her date with Derek, a brilliant English professor and prospective Prince Charming, and sending her cat to the emergency room with a broken foot, things aren’t looking up. A surprise meeting between Ryan and Raina’s sister, Joy, gives him once last chance to win her over. Distraught over the sudden loss of pizzazz in her marriage to a Band-Aid engineer, Joy is charmed by Ryan and invites him to help construct a nursery for her unborn baby. When Derek takes a teaching position in Iowa Raina is forced to choose between the man she thinks she loves and her family. An incredible love poem from an anonymous author convinces her to make the move and follow Derek, but Raina soon realizes the man of her dreams isn’t what she expected. Will she open her eyes to see the true poet, the one who is captivated by the ordinary, the one whose love for her is comparable only to his passion for organic lawn fertilizer?

This heart-warming love story features a small cast of five and original poetry that is guaranteed to make any audience swoon.

Runner-up for the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Comedy Playwriting Award!


“Romance finely delivered in String...Lind's voice is articulate and refreshing...A light touch can strike exactly the right note." – LA Daily News

"String is a winner!...As hilarious as it is heart-warming...a cleverly crafted piece of work, full of poetry, wisdom and laughter." – Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Charming, funny, quirky, sweet...very clever and funny, with well-defined realistic characters" – Cherry & Spoon, Broadway World Minneapolis

"Lind writes with a humor and wisdom that is well beyond her years." – Duluth News Tribune

"A breezy, laugh-a-minute romantic comedy... a distinctly Neil Simonesque take on finding love in the modern world...Lind is at her best in the comic scenes, firing off jokes in rapid succession...makes for delightful entertainment!" –

"String offers a funny, charming look at romance." – Marianne Combs, MPR



Theater L'Homme Dieu, Alexandria, MN June, 2018
University of Minnesota, Duluth 2003 (World premiere)
Lucid by Proxy, Los Angeles, CA 2007
Yellow Tree Theatre, Minneapolis, MN 2008, 2010 & 2017
Artists of Concordia Theatre, Chicago, IL 2012